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Hon. Prof. Sch.
Franca Montanelli
  • Philosophical Counselor
  • Author
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Professor
  • Ambassador
  • Copyright, Scoprire il senso della vita: La crisi dei valori e la filosofia neo-esistenzialista (link)
  • Philosophical Counseling
  • Expert Consultant in Existentialist Philosophy & Interpersonal Dynamics
  • Professor at Saint René Descartes University
  • Ambassador-at-Large of the UMMOA
  • Degree in Communication & Business Support
  • Scholar's Degree (SD) in Social Psychology honoris causa (hc), Saint René Descartes University
  • New Phoenix Project for Philosophy Development
  • Micronational Professional Registry
  • Fifth World Health Organisation
  • Saint René Descartes University